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Apache Cordova #3 : Beginning the project

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It’s time to break out Visual Studio and start a Cordova Project. I was using Visual Studio 2015 Preview and updated to the CTP just before writing this post, although Visual Studio 2013 also has Cordova tooling. Under JavaScript, which is in the Other Languages section in my installation if Visual Studio 2015, there is an Apache Cordova Apps section:


That section has a template for creating a Cordova app:


You can do the same thing in TypeScript if you prefer. When the project is created, Visual Studio shows a helpful Getting Started page. If, like me, you need to find that page again, have a look in the project folder: the file is called Project_Readme.html.

The brand new project contains a number of folders:


I figure I don’t need to understand what they all do know, but it’s good to know they’ve been created in the right structure.

The thing I am interested in is index.html, which is the starting page of the app. Without any changes, it looks like this:


That looks like something I can understand. Next time out I’ll see if I can make some simple modifications to it.


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February 17, 2015 at 7:39 pm

Posted in Cordova, Mobile, Open Source

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