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Getting Started with Apache Cordova

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It’s been a little while since I wrote on this blog. I’ve just started to get to know Apache Cordova, so I figure it’s in order to blow away the virtual dust and post occasional blog entries to document progress and keep notes.

But first a quick side note: once I get some more momentum I will need a better name for this series of posts. I have already rejected Cutting the Cordova and They Think It’s Cordova. Suggestions welcome.

Anyway, what’s this Cordova thing all about? Well, I speak to a lot of people about apps and for a good number of them, having a cross platform strategy is important. Some of them are looking to things like Xamarin, others to Apache Cordova. Those looking to Cordova are doing so because of the ability to write cross-platform apps in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

One more thing that’s worth noting is the tooling that is available for Visual Studio 2013 for writing Apache Cordova apps. It’s also part of Visual Studio 2015 – preview available here. When you install the tooling, there’s a bunch of other stuff you can install, like the Android SDK and Java SDK, so you can build, debug and deploy cross platform (more info on that here.)

Once you have the tools installed and you’re ready to go, here are a few good resources to ready you for the first steps:

Getting Started with Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Visual Studio

Build Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows with Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

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December 5, 2014 at 4:01 pm

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