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TF#I Friday #1 : The f#un starts here

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A while ago I started a series of blog posts called Ruby Tuesday in attempt to get better acquainted with Ruby.  Over time, I ended up spending more and more time with Python.  And then .NET 4 introduced the DLR and the dynamic type to C#.  It felt like I’d learned what I set out to learn and it was time to embark on learning another language.  I’d been scared off F# in a presentation a few years ago, but I’m interested in languages that do things differently, that encourage me to think about problems in a different way so the curiosity remained alive.   Functional programming offers a different approach from imperative programming and F# is a .NET Language – and a first class citizen in Visual Studio 2010.   Decision made.  I’ve started to learn a little about F# and recently wrote a short introduction to F# for the current edition of the MSDN newsletter, which prompted the thought that maybe I should start a series of F# posts to help me continue the journey.  This is the initial post (and, who knows, quite possibly the last) in that series.  Should be a fun ride.

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December 3, 2010 at 6:35 pm

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