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Half Life of a Diagram

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I’ve spent the last two days in an Architectural Design Session during which we naturally used the whiteboard.  Looking around the room now I can see a variety of diagrams – all of which were incredibly useful at the time they were drawn.  Most of them still make sense.  But I know that if I came back in to the room this time next year I would struggle to understand them.  Which leads me to wonder what the half life of a diagram is.  I wonder if more formal diagrams half a longer half life, but take more effort to create.  If this is right, it suggests that whiteboard diagrams need to be converted into more formal representation if they are sufficiently important.  An alternative would be a lighter weight set of informal diagramming techniques.  This may be time for me to read The Back of a Napkin – although I figure for that to be effective we all need to read it.


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November 26, 2008 at 6:19 pm

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