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Ruby Tuesday #16 Part 1 : A Little Light Metaprogramming

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One of the reasons I was interested in learning about Ruby is metaprogramming.  For those new to Ruby, consider the following code:

class Test
 (0..5).each do |i|
    define_method "method_#{i}" do
      puts "Hello World #{i}"

Ok, it may not be the most useful piece of code in that form, but I think it shows just how metaprogrammable Ruby is.  When you remember that you can modify classes at runtime, alias methods and so on, the possibilities start to become clear.  If this has got you thinking about metaprogramming and what you could use it to achieve, this post goes into more detail on metaprogramming techniques in Ruby.


Written by remark

July 29, 2008 at 5:36 pm

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