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Ruby Tuesday #11 Update : First Steps with Shoes

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When I left my last post, I had been encountering some crashes with Shoes.  So, I took the Ruby code I’d written, installed Shoes on a Mac (running Leopard) and, hey presto, it worked.  I haven’t tested another Vista PC to see if it’s Shoes or the PC I was using.  Here’s the code:

require 'Twitter'

translator =
client = :title => "Twitter Shoes", :height => 750, :width => 750 do
  background rgb(240, 250, 208 )
  stack :width => 700, :height => 1.0, :margin => 20 do
    background "#eee", :radius => 12
    border "#00D0FF", :strokewidth => 3, :radius => 12
    stack :margin => 20 do
      button "Get Timeline" do
        alert("Username is {#@username.text} and password is {#@password.text}")
        timeline = ""
        translator.xml_to_tweets(client.download_friends_timeline(@username.text, @password.text)).each do |tweet|
        timeline << "#{tweet.user.screen_name} says #{tweet.text}\n\n"
      @label.replace timeline
      #alert "done"
  stack :height => 550, :margin => 20 do
    background "#eee"
    @label = para ""
  stack :margin =>20 do
    @username = edit_line :height =>50, :width => 100
    @password = edit_line :secret => true, :height =>50, :width => 100

So, what needs to be done next now is to provide a way to tweet from the Shoes form.  And it could do with some tidying up.

To help if you’re following this series, I’ve posted the source files for Twitter.rb and App.rb.

Oh, and there’s a space between 208 and the closing bracket in the line beginning background because if I don’t put the space in, WordPress converts the sequence 8 followed by a bracket to a smiley face wearing sunglasses.  Like this 8) .  Which looks a bit weird in code.

Written by remark

June 24, 2008 at 10:11 pm

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  1. Wow, you are the first person that I have seen use windows live spaces for storing files… I did not know that was possible. Its a good start for the app, I have been looking at doing something similar myself, but I figure I should probably learn some more ruby first before actually trying (and failing very badly) to do something.


    June 25, 2008 at 5:58 pm

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