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From time to time, I play the role of Tech Support Guy to family members – I’m sure this is a role familiar to everyone who has owned up to having anything at all to do with computers. My services had been booked yesterday to sort out a problem with a personal firewall blocking access to a NAS device (I’d installed the NAS device last time around, but a change of security software in the interim had rather overzealously prevented any access to it.) It turned out to be relatively easy to sort out (adding a new network – a range of IP addresses – and marking it as safe did the trick) and I managed to fix another issue that had come pre-installed and was preventing access to to the Sidebar. My next step is always to ensure that the latest patches are installed and this I duly did (in this case applying SP1 to 2 Vista machines.) Finally, I set up Live Messenger and bookmarked SkyDrive. SkyDrive is a pretty handy service to have and judging from our conversations, I think that adding it was as valuable as unblocking access to the NAS – the NAS is great for backup and sharing files within a household, but SkyDrive gives you a way to share files with family and friends (and the public if you choose.) I think that it’s services like SkyDrive – which increase the usefulness of the computer and broadband connection – that make playing the role of Family Tech Support Guy worthwhile.


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March 24, 2008 at 7:22 pm

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