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It’s been an interesting week so far for announcements from Microsoft.  Having waited patiently for Mix ’07, the cats have been allowed out of their bags.  Here are the ones that have grabbed my attention.

  • Silverlight has started to look interesting.  I was unimpressed by the original announcement – I couldn’t see why you wouldn’t use Flash and Flex (which is going to be open-sourced.)  But knowing that a portion of the CLR is going cross-platform (well, sort of – Windows and Mac only) makes it interesting.
  • The DLR has been coming – IronPython has been out for a while now.  Now it’s here.  Fantastic.  I can’t wait to see the sort of tools this might make possible.
  • Jasper.  “Project Jasper is geared towards iterative and agile development. You
    can start interacting with the data in your database without having to
    create mapping files or define classes
    .”  There’s a CTP here.   Realistically, given the bits you need, I may need a whole new development environment to test this CTP out.  And it may well be worth it.

These announcements have given a much needed shot in the arm to .NET development.


Written by remark

May 2, 2007 at 10:47 pm

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