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Having built the Mono version of nspectre recently, I thought about how I interact with the IDE (in may case the IDE I’ve spent most time in is Visual Studio.)  Working on the Mono build of nspectre, I used MonoDevelop (with the Xml Editor plug-in) on Ubuntu Edgy and ran NAnt from the command line.  When I’d built nspectre, I ran the example console program from the command line, too.  To access CVS, I used LinCVS.  So, I had a few windows open – with a decent size monitor, having a bunch of windows open is not the problem it would otherwise be.  And it was easy to figure out what I was doing.  It was comfortable.  This realisation came as something of a shock to someone who has been used to doing nearly everything in the IDE.

I hear “integration with the IDE” as a frequent requirement for tools.  What’s not to like about integration?  I guess the problem is when the integration is such that it gets in the way of understanding what you are doing – or locks you into a particular or uncomfortable way of doing it.


Written by remark

February 26, 2007 at 11:15 pm

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