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Over the last couple of days I’ve got nspectre working under Mono. I hope to be able to release a patched version later this month. Here’s how I got it to work. I installed NAnt 0.85 on Ubuntu 6.10 (which I run in Parallels.) I found this link via Cory Foy that shows how simple it is to install NAnt on Mono.

UPDATE: At this point I built TemplateEngine. I used MonoDevelop to build it – no issues to report.

With Nant up and running, I created a build script for NSpectre. To get started, the build script only builds NSpectre.Core, NSpectreExample and NSpectreExample.Entities. Once I had these compiled (on my set up, the csc task in NAnt targets gmcs by default – very impressed), I ran them.

And ran into problem number 1. It appears that Mono implements Assembly.Load differently to .NET. See here for further detail. As a short term fix, I modified ResourceLocator by adding a type initialiser to load all assemblies in the bin directory. I’ll take another look at this, there may be a better way of doing it, but for now it works.

Problem number 2. I set NAnt to use dynamic prefixing for the resources. The namespaces it uses are different to those that VS .NET would use – VS .NET would use the project namespace as the root namespace, whereas Nant uses the name of the folder that contains the project (for subfolders the behaviour is the same.) Pretty easy to fix – modified references in code and config files to use the NAnt generated namespaces.

Problem number 3. One hardcoded (a constant) backslash (used in Engine.) Oops. Modified to a forward slash for the purposes of getting it to work.

Problem number 4. NSpectreExample uses Win32 API calls to change the foreground colour of the console (.NET 2.0 supports this in managed code, so this won’t be a problem in the future.) Unsurprisingly, Win 32 API calls don’t work in Linux. So, I commented these lines out for now.

And that’s it. OK, so there were a few more issues along the way. But the other issues were about getting the build script “right” – in this case getting the csc tasks to build nspectre as closely to the way VS .NET does as possible.

So, a little more investigation, some minor modifications, some clean up of the build script and I’ll be able to release a Mono’ed version of nspectre.


Written by remark

January 8, 2007 at 11:03 pm

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