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I know of many, myself included, that switched from these stored proc based systems to using O/RM without stored procs, but I know no one that switched the other way

observes Paul Wilson in a recent post.  I’ve had positive experiences with ORM tools, especially NHibernate – although for some the mindset change required can be a significant barrier – and I’ve worked on systems where stored procedures were a real problem (especially in terms of maintenance, versioning and performance.)  The debate about ORM versus traditional data access techniques strikes me as a variation on the debate on managed memory versus unmanaged.  Once you’ve lived in a managed world, you’d be reluctant to go back to an unmanaged one – but it doesn’t mean you stop paying attention to memory issues.  Similarly, when you use an ORM framework, you should still be aware of how it works and what the impact of your decisions are.


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June 4, 2006 at 4:56 pm

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