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Anatomy of nspectre

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I’ve been meaning to blog about the anatomy of nspectre for a while now.  nspectre consists of 2 distinct parts:  configuration and a runtime.

The configuration has at its root the Settings class in the NSpectre.Core.Configuration namespace.  This namespace also contains a couple of implementations of IConfigurationReader that read XML into the configuration, which can be thought of as a (sort of) Domain Specific Language (DSL.) The DSL provides a means to model the conditions required for a type to be valid for a given action.  The reason I say sort of DSL is that the templates are, essentially, C#.  However, by leveraging CustomSpecifications, these templates can be abstracted.

The main class in the runtime is IValidator.  To create an instance of IValidator, you use IValidatorFactory – and to get an instance of IValidatorFactory you create an instance of Initialiser.  The implementation of IValidatorFactory compiles the Settings the first time an instance of IValidator is requested. 


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May 16, 2006 at 10:20 pm

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