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The Ubuntu X Factor

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Having upgraded from Breezy Badger to Dapper Drake, I had an old Breezy Badger image laying around that I wasn’t going to use. Having used xfce in the past and coming across Xubuntu, I decided to migrate my Breezy Badger image to Xubuntu.  The instructions here don’t mention that you need to comment your CD-ROM drive out of the sources.list file if, like me, you have a pre-built VM image (and, therefore, don’t have the CD.)
Unsurprisingly, it works.  The xfce desktop is really responsive.   There’s something about being able to swap the entire desktop experience that appeals to me.  I got an image of Ubuntu in order to have a working Mono environment.  I’m starting to think about using it as the primary OS (on an old machine.)


Written by remark

April 11, 2006 at 6:48 pm

Posted in General, Open Source, Ubuntu

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