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I have had VMWare Player installed for a little while now and have been getting acquainted with some of the Community built images – especially Ubuntu. Yesterday, I decided to be upgrade my Ubuntu image to 6.06 (Dapper Drake.) So, I copied the 5.10 image, renamed it all to 6.0 (remembering to rename all the references in the vmx file), gritted my teeth and upgraded (change the sources file and do an ‘apt-get dist-upgrade’). OK, so I didn’t need to grit my teeth – it mostly worked and where it went didn’t go according to plan, the action suggested sorted it all out.
A couple of hours later (most of which I spent out of the house) and I was the proud user of Dapper Drake. And very nice it is too. The main reason I wanted to upgrade was to get version 0.9 of MonoDevelop, which I now have, so I can start to monkey around. I haven’t had too much time yet with MonoDevelop but the good news with this version is that the ‘Import Visual Studio Solution’ option works (so farewell to prj2make#.)


Written by remark

April 9, 2006 at 8:01 pm

Posted in General, Open Source, Ubuntu

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